Monday, September 24, 2012

Consolidating scrapbook supplies

OK, I missed weeks two and three (consolidated down to one week) of
the organizational challenge...probably because I didn't really have much
to work on. But I'm back this week, doing some consolidation.  Focus this
week is supposed to be on paper, and I'm doing a bit of that too...but
I've also been organizing some other supplies as well.

Here's an example of what I've been doing: these two boxes of pens are
seldom used but for some reason were stored separately in these two boxes.
I was able to rearrange the pens in the first box and make room for the pens
in the second box to be added to, I have ONE box of pens. My
most frequently used journaling pens are still stored in a mason jar on my desk.

I think I mentioned before that I purchased a cabinet that had a counter-height
top where I can work on projects standing, when the urge strikes me. Well, here it
is! I am going to put all my magazine holders (which hold misc. things, including an
odd magazine here and there) on the far bottom shelf; page kits will be in the center
open area. And right now, the goodies from a challenge I won are in the space I will
reserve for soon as I put them away!

Paper...paper...paper. Right now I have my patterned paper organized in accordion folders big enough to hold 12x12; it's not ideal but for now I am going to work with it since I would REALLY like to use as much of my current organizational tools as possible. I am, however, going thru and putting "like products" together; for example, all birthday papers will be in the same file.

Here are the goodies Anita (from our TwoPeas Calorie Croppers group) sent me for winning the journaling challenge; thank you so much, Anita. I am now collecting my own box of goodies for a give away in the near future! Anyway, included in this huge haul was more flowers than I can count; halloween bottle lables that can be used either in that way or as a page embellishment; journaling spots galore; some Jeni Bowlin stuff; Authentic mini papers; ribbon; buttons; diecuts; minibooks; and even a small cloud stamp! Thanks again, Anita!!

That's all for now...gotta go pick up my youngest from driver's education!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My scrap-space...or loft office

I've met the first challenge of the TwoPeas Organization Thread
and completed a two page layout of photos from last Christmas. It's
not much like what I usually do but it's done...and I hope it's not too
cluttered and busy; the title is "A MESS of presents", so I guess that
goes along with the busy-ness of the layout:

I also decided to show a couple of photos of my "in progress" scrap-space
or loft office. I share the space and desk with my husband; it is really 
hard for me not to let my supplies creep onto his part of the desk:
The tabletop is walnut; but there is an inlaid glass topper to protect it and
makes it easy to clean. From this vantage point you can see my baker's rack,
where I have accordion folders holding some of my patterned paper collections,
photos waiting to be scrapped, my printer, etc.

 I recently purchased this two-level basket-type thingie to hold my most used
tools and supplies but I haven't quite figured out what I'm gonna put in there
yet! I am realising that this drawer right in front of my chair is probably not
the best place for those frequently used items! A mason jar holds pens, glue pens,
scissors, etc.

My side of the desk also has three drawers; the bottom is a legal sized file
folder draw and has my page kits (premade and self-made), embellishments
like stickers and rubons (separated by theme), and some more patterned paper
(again, separated by theme or color or just depends!) The drawer above this one has two tackle boxes which hold Copic markers, buttons, embroidery
floss for stitching on my layouts, metals, etc. When I am in need of additional desk space I can push those boxes together, lay a piece of chipboard on top and use that
as more desk space! The top drawer right now is empty, waiting for something to
need it's space.

The final photo I share today is my cube storage system, which sits on my counter.
It houses things like ribbon in mason jars, cricut carts, ink/mists/paints, cardstock,
punches. (It also has my "personalized, autographed Crocodile Hunter/Steve Irwin calendar" that a friend who worked on his show got for me. I loved his show and was so sad when I learned of his death!!) I have a couple of drawers below the counter/sink that house rubber stamps, extra adhesives and other less frequently used items.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my loft/office...and if you have any photos of your
space to share, I'd love to see them!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Try, try again!

I tried blogging once before, mostly as an avenue to share my
didn't last too long! But I'm at it again and this time I intend to share a lot more
than photos: my creative endeavors, home organization/management ideas,
and more.

I was inspired to restart this blog when I decided to get involved in a scrapbooking organization challenge at TwoPeasinaBucket. Having just moved into our new
home, I probably don't really NEED an organizational challenge; however, I
decided to join in the hopes of getting some ideas on how best to utilize my
space in addition to any actual organizing I do myself. Later this week I will
post some detailed photos of my space and give a description of it at that time.
But here's a little "teaser" picture of it under construction; it is a loft above our
family room:

One thing I have discovered, having lost my dedicated scrap space during a move
and now reclaiming it...I get a lot more done when I have somewhere that I
can leave my projects and supplies OUT between scrapping sessions. And I love,
love, LOVE that my new space is part of the main living area of the home; I no
longer feel cut off from what is happening with the family, the dog while I am
working on my projects. I intend to spend a lot of time here!