Monday, September 10, 2012

Try, try again!

I tried blogging once before, mostly as an avenue to share my
didn't last too long! But I'm at it again and this time I intend to share a lot more
than photos: my creative endeavors, home organization/management ideas,
and more.

I was inspired to restart this blog when I decided to get involved in a scrapbooking organization challenge at TwoPeasinaBucket. Having just moved into our new
home, I probably don't really NEED an organizational challenge; however, I
decided to join in the hopes of getting some ideas on how best to utilize my
space in addition to any actual organizing I do myself. Later this week I will
post some detailed photos of my space and give a description of it at that time.
But here's a little "teaser" picture of it under construction; it is a loft above our
family room:

One thing I have discovered, having lost my dedicated scrap space during a move
and now reclaiming it...I get a lot more done when I have somewhere that I
can leave my projects and supplies OUT between scrapping sessions. And I love,
love, LOVE that my new space is part of the main living area of the home; I no
longer feel cut off from what is happening with the family, the dog while I am
working on my projects. I intend to spend a lot of time here!


  1. Welcome to the challenge! Love the peek at your space! I actually moved my scrap space in 2010 because the perfect room out of the flow of family ends up being an unused room and not much craftiness happening. Good luck with the blog! ...and Congrats on the new house! -Amanda

  2. it looks great, and I agree with you it is much better being with the familiy when crafting