Monday, September 24, 2012

Consolidating scrapbook supplies

OK, I missed weeks two and three (consolidated down to one week) of
the organizational challenge...probably because I didn't really have much
to work on. But I'm back this week, doing some consolidation.  Focus this
week is supposed to be on paper, and I'm doing a bit of that too...but
I've also been organizing some other supplies as well.

Here's an example of what I've been doing: these two boxes of pens are
seldom used but for some reason were stored separately in these two boxes.
I was able to rearrange the pens in the first box and make room for the pens
in the second box to be added to, I have ONE box of pens. My
most frequently used journaling pens are still stored in a mason jar on my desk.

I think I mentioned before that I purchased a cabinet that had a counter-height
top where I can work on projects standing, when the urge strikes me. Well, here it
is! I am going to put all my magazine holders (which hold misc. things, including an
odd magazine here and there) on the far bottom shelf; page kits will be in the center
open area. And right now, the goodies from a challenge I won are in the space I will
reserve for soon as I put them away!

Paper...paper...paper. Right now I have my patterned paper organized in accordion folders big enough to hold 12x12; it's not ideal but for now I am going to work with it since I would REALLY like to use as much of my current organizational tools as possible. I am, however, going thru and putting "like products" together; for example, all birthday papers will be in the same file.

Here are the goodies Anita (from our TwoPeas Calorie Croppers group) sent me for winning the journaling challenge; thank you so much, Anita. I am now collecting my own box of goodies for a give away in the near future! Anyway, included in this huge haul was more flowers than I can count; halloween bottle lables that can be used either in that way or as a page embellishment; journaling spots galore; some Jeni Bowlin stuff; Authentic mini papers; ribbon; buttons; diecuts; minibooks; and even a small cloud stamp! Thanks again, Anita!!

That's all for now...gotta go pick up my youngest from driver's education!


  1. Marilyn,, so glad you got the box and I hope you can use some of the stuff! Happy scrapping!

  2. i love organizing my stash!! good idea on the pens!